Basic Types

GraphQL Elixir defines the following base Scalar Types:

  • GraphQL.Type.String
  • GraphQL.Type.Int
  • GraphQL.Type.Float
  • GraphQL.Type.Boolean
  • GraphQL.Type.ID

Also the following Types are available:

  • GraphQL.Type.ObjectType
  • GraphQL.Type.List
  • GraphQL.Type.NonNull
  • GraphQL.Type.JSON

Custom scalars

You can also create a custom scalar for your schema. Add a custom Scalar Type as follows:

defmodule GraphQL.Type.CustomType do
  defstruct name: "CustomType", description:
    CustomType description

  def coerce(value), do: <...>

defimpl GraphQL.Types, for: GraphQL.Type.CustomType do
  def parse_value(_, value), do: <...>
  def serialize(_, value), do: <...>
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